Whomever creates a document known to contain PHI or Confidential Information should add the following footer to that document

  ‘Contains CONFIDENTIAL INFO and/or PHI’

… and include the following in the name of the document …


So an actual file name may look like this:  ‘ATB for xyz Client (CONF INFO or PHI).xls’

If you receive a document that you recognize contains PHI or Confidential Information, add the footer and the extension to the file name prior to saving the document or sharing the document with others.

Here are instructions to add a following footer with Microsoft 2010/2013:

How to Insert a “Confidential Document” or any other Footer


In Microsoft Word

STEP 1: Insert > Footer


STEP 2:  Select any of the footer styles


STEP 3:  Once a Style is selected, you’ll get a ‘{Type here]’ box.  Type over with whatever your desired footer text is, such as ‘Confidential’ or ‘Contains PHI’.



Each page of your document will now have the footer content you entered








In Microsoft Excel

STEP 1:  Go to Print, and select ‘Page Setup’.


STEP 2:  Select the ‘Header/Footer’ tab, then ‘Custom Footer’.



STEP 3:  Enter your desired footer text is, such as ‘Confidential’ or ‘Contains PHI’.  Then select ‘OK’.



Your footer content will now display as shown below.  Select ‘OK’ again




… and your footer content will display in the Print Preview window.  Continue with the Print process and the footer will print as entered.