You may use Mobile Devices such as smart phones or tablets to access PHI and Confidential Information (such as files in Egnyte or email) IF ALL THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET:

-  The device is using Android firmware v2.1 or iOS v4.0 or more current operating system

-  You’ve configured your mobile device to require authentication (ie entering a PIN code) after more than one minute of idle time

-  You’ve downloaded the ‘Find iPhone’ app for iOS, or the ‘Cerberus Anti Theft’ app for Android, or their equivalents, that allow you to find a missing phone or tablet from another device and, if lost or stolen, remotely erase or wipe the entire device.  This process must be followed immediately upon identifying that your mobile device is outside of your direct control.

-  You do NOT store any content in any mobile or web based applications (such as iBooks)