For Privacy and Security purposes, the use of personally owned PC's for re|solution work is prohibited under all but the very exceptional circumstances specified below.



For Employed (W-2) Staff

Staff in the following roles will be issued re|solution PC’s:  Partners, Regional Revenue Cycle Directors, Project Managers, all Staff working in the Corporate Office, and Coders that work remotely.  Note that this policy is new as of July 2013, and anyone in a role above that is currently using a personally owned PC may continue to use it until replaced with a re|solution issued PC, but during that time, all policies for secure centralized storage and purging of PHI and Confidential Information must be followed.

Most other roles (Business Office Managers, Analysts, Auditors, Cash Posters, Charge Entry staff, Office Clerks, Self Pay Collectors, Registrars, and some Coders) working inside a facility are required by that facility to use facility owned PC’s for all work activity on their network.  If you have not been assigned either a re|solution or facility PC for work purposes, notify your Manager.

For all Staff who either have been issued a re|solution PC or are using a facility owned PC, the use of a personal PC for all re|solution work is prohibited.

If for some emergency reason a personal PC is used and any document containing PHI or confidential information is opened, the procedure for Securely Purging  that PC must be adhered to, and a Self-Attestation must be signed off when the emergency use is complete.


For Contract (1099) Staff

Contract Staff are expected to provide their own PC’s that comply with re|solution’s Best Practices, specifically including the use of email and all Privacy and Security Best Practices.  The latter includes the installation and use of HIPAA compliant Secure Delete (two pass, such as Eraser) and full hard drive encryption utilities (AES 256, such as Bitlocker, TrueCrypt, FileVault, etc).  re|solution’s IT staff will assist with compliance, including utility installation, upon request.

For all Contract Staff, the use of any other personal PC that does not comply with re|solution’s Privacy and Security Best Practices (including, but not limited to Secure Delete and full hard drive encryption) for re|solution related work is prohibited.  If for some emergency reason a non-compliant personal PC is used, the procedure for Securely Purging that PC must be adhered to, and a Self-Attestation must be signed off when the emergency use is complete.