Skype is re|solution’s preferred utility for Instant Messaging. Skype allows for Peer-to-Peer Secure Instant Messaging, Screen Sharing, Voice and Video Chat, and File Sharing all for free. Additionally, it keeps a record of your dialog so you can refer back to prior conversations. This guide will walk you through downloading, installing, and signing into Skype using your resolution account.

Please note that some of you may already have Skype loaded onto your computer. You will need to sign out of your personal account and ONLY use your provided resolution account for work purposes. 

Resolution Secure Communication and Skype Instant Messaging:

Although Skype is secure (Skype uses the maximum 256-bit encryption), we DO NOT have a business associate agreement with them so you may only send DE-IDENTIFIED data. Please refer to de-identified data section for details on what you can send and how you can communicate PHI via Skype. 

How to Install Skype

STEP 1: Download the Skype Installer:

NOTE: You must be an administrator to download this application if you are stopped and prompted to enter credentials to proceed during the process please contact

STEP 2: Install Skype.

Uncheck or check the “Run Skype when the computer starts” depending on your preference and click I agree–next

Uncheck “Install Skype to Call” (this disables a yellow page option, NOT your ability to make calls)

Uncheck BOTH “Make Bing my search engine” and “Make MSN my homepage”

Wait for Skype to install…

Sign into Skype 

STEP 1: You will receive an email from Skype to your email notifying you that we have issued you a Skype account. If you have not received that email click HERE to initiate a "forget your password".

The convention for all resolution usernames are “firstinitiallastname.ereso” So, for example, John Smith is “jsmith.ereso” and Jane Doe would be “jdoe.ereso.” All lowercase, no spaces. 

Skype will prompt you to upload a pic, choose from your sample pics, etc. If you would rather not upload a pic click the X at the top right hand corner. If you do choose a pic, it will be visible to others on your re|solution outlook desktop as well as Skype.